lets get to know eachother

Am I going crazy while I sit and listen to our kitchen get torn apart, which is only adding to my already-seven-day-and-going-strong- headache? Yeah.

Am I antsy as I try to lie to myself that I don’t have an ear infection so I can drive to Barnes and Nobles and plant myself in front of their travel section and find myself a new home? Yeeeas.

Am I avoiding googling how to use excel formulas before my “scope assessment” as part of my b-i-g- interview tomorrow in NYC because I really just don’t want to go? Yup. (Also, what is a scope assessment?)

Have I subtly tried to tell you that I’ve been sick and thus feel the need to complain about it via the interwebs since I’m obviously cranky? No. Definitely not.

Is it time to indulge and provide some random facts?

Oh yes.


–My feet are different sizes. SEEEEE? The right guy is a 1/2 size larger, although I always just purchase the same size shoe. An 8. But when I’m in Europe they grow to size 34!


–I hate even numbers.  Don’t ask me why…I just do.  Six out of my seven cell phone digits are even numbers. It sucks : (

–I don’t really love the beach. It’s OK, but it doesn’t do much for me. Neither does summer. Autumn is the best.

–Speaking of kitchens, we’re getting a new one. Ours was about twenty-seven thousand years old.  So that’s cool.

–I was convinced in the 7th grade that I was going to be a math teacher. I rocked middle school algebra like it was no one’s business. Obviously, dreams can fade fast; once numbers started becoming cubed, square rooted, and imaginary, I lost all hope.

–I used to have a dog. His name was Bo.  He was an ex-show dog and died when I was two-ish. R.I.P. BO YOU WERE THE BEST DOG IN THE ENTIRE WORLD

–When and if I get married, I’m not changing my name. I’ll hyphen it. (I hope I marry someone with an equally crazy name. That’ll be lol). 

–I used to play a lot of sports. Including hockey. Don’t tell the hipsters.

–I look at this everyday.  I read this. If I could, I’d drink this…all the time.


That’s all. Thanks for stickin around.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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