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I don’t really understand the difference between body creme, body wash, body lotion, body cleanser, body butter, etc.  WHY so many options? I get remarkably confused; which do you have to wash off, and which do you just rub in? I’ve apparently been layering up face creme  that you are supposed to rinse. Woops.  And, body wash, can that include hair? Isn’t soap just soap? Can’t I wash my body with shampoo?  (How about Tide?) And… body butter? Is that different from body creme? Why all these things.  Why.

These are figs that grow in our backyard. How do they turn them into newtons?


If you’re ever unsure (and without a bottle opener), test to see if a beer is twist-off.  Just try it.  This is much easier than almost slicing your hand off with the corner of a granite countertop.  It took a 12-pack for us to realize that, well, the champagne of beers just needs a little lefty-loosey. 

We have a special little guest in our backyard. Can you see it?

This might help:

McCarren Park is an urban anthropologist’s dream.  I thought it was just filled with hipsters eating prosciutto arugula wraps and drinking margaritas from the Turkey’s Nest, but I’m wrong.  They only occupy the southern half of the park that’s closer to Bedford.  The northern half is populated with older, Polish folk, and women with their babies.  The park on the west end that has the track is often filled with Latinos playing soccer, high school athletes at football practice, and African-American adolescents hanging out near the inner field.  This section of the park is almost hipster-free, minus the few that also enjoying getting a workout in.

There is a glorious farmer’s market every Saturday that is also only a few steps from my home.  I was able to pick up this bundle of kale for an easy $2.  It’s also the size of my head x’s 3.


That’s all the pondering for now. Going back to reading this. Happy Labor Free Weekend!

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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