sunday seven

1. I’ve lately been obsessed with listening to good music in my great headphones…pretty much anywhere. (Guess I don’t follow my own advice). And most recently I’ve been into The Local Natives, an L.A. born band that’s full of three-part harmonies, rustic, yearning vocals, some oober fun chanting, and roller-coaster melodies that hit me in the heart. Want a good starting point? Listen to Cubism Dream.

2. This past week, I’ve reached my life goal of having 100 followers of twitter (#candiehappy). Now I’m up to 119, but who’s counting? Oh, me. But whatever. I realized the value of twitter a few months back, but now I finally see how relatively easy it is to create relationships and spread good content through this funky 140-character communication vortex. And it’s #SO #EXCITING.

3. Oh, I didn’t go out Friday night? And I stayed in and made a tumblr? Eeek.

4. Speaking of social media, I read this interesting piece on how the U.N. uses it. And, they’re even considering using PINTEREST.  I guess it’s to “spread their message,” so should be interesting to see what they pin. If anyone has additional insight on how the U.N. can effectively use Pinterest, please fill me in…. I’m still sort of boggled. And uh, while youre at it…check out my boards?

5. And while the U.N. is figuring out Pinterest, they’re also trying to stop the mess that is Southern Sudan. I read this piece and found myself in a funk; sometimes I think I’m not connected well enough to what’s going on in this beautiful, yet heart breaking world.

6. Luckily, not all that’s on The Times is a downer (although with all this election stuff, it does seem grim). For a pick-me-up, watch a crow in Russia sled down a roof. Not kidding.

7. The other day it was windy. But not windy enough to blow down a billboard. But still, a billboard fell. Steps from our apartment!

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. LOVE THIS! I mean #lovethis

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