hugs & subways

OK. First, go visit the nicest place on the Internet. 

Thanks, okay. Hello! Happy Sunday! I’m currently at my favorite Sunday spot—Second Stop Cafe. It’s a little hide away in Williamsburg with strong coffee, amazing soup, and a creaky-floor. Very lovely.

I had wanted to get out of bed super early to run a 4-mile race in Central Park, but couldn’t get myself on another subway since I’m preeeetty positive 80 percent of my weekend was spent on mass-transit. Someone was killed on the tracks on 3rd ave (very sad), so I took a sneaky (and very, very, long) detour through Brooklyn, Queens, and Uptown Manhattan to make it down to Flat Iron to hard chill at HQ, get some writing done, and go to the gym to work on my new goal of doing three unassisted pull-ups. DAH. Afterwards, I jetted back to BK since the L started up again, and quickly changed and got some food together before attending a house warming party in Prospect Heights. Since New York City has yet to assemble a reliable train that runs north-south in BK, I went baaack to Manhattan to grab a train that would take me to my destination (an hour later!). It was great great great to see Melissa’s new place + all of her teacher friends. Most people there were Peace Corps fellows at Teachers College, & it was fun to hear them gossip

about their students (just like little kids always talked about their teachers) while asking about their past travels abroad. As far as food goes, there was a mixed spread: raw oysters, home-made Chex Mix, and rice krispies treats. I approved. Lots. Alas, when it was time to return north, I tried to transfer back at the L when I was greeted with the dreaded ….red tape. Thinking I was stuck in Manhattan, I happily (those few Hot Toddy’s may have helped) wandered around Chelsea while thinking of who I could call to crash with, until I realized I should just walk as far east as possible, then get a cab, till I aaalso thought that maybe just the 6th ave entrance was closed and tried my luck at another entrance and voila! Got on the train. But had to wait for awhile, of course. And… I  may or may not have taken a quick cat nap on the platform, until a very nice old lady woke me up so I could get on the train. 

In other news, Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl (not that I’ve ever watched the show or anything you know?) wandered into this hole-in-the-wall bar on Friday night, and I watched him start making out with a gal that was asking him WAY too many questions about the show (gotta play it cooooool). I wasn’t totally jealous or anything, so I started chatting in spanish with an Argentine who happened to be sitting on the other side of me. I know approximately seven words in spanish, so the conversation was sort of repetitive and awkward and the Guinness wasn’t sitting well (who buys a girl a GUINNESS?!) and I eventually fled. Sad face.

And, now, NOW I would love to go running in this beaaautiful snowy weather, but I only brought home one sneaker. So I may go run in one shoe. Or go to yoga. #namaste.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. My favorite part about this post is that you ended it with “namaste.” AWESOME.

    We clearly have lots of stories to catch up on this weekend!

  2. Turns out that girl he was macking is his girlfriend… also, she is Lenny Kravitz’s daughter… Apparently her and Dan Humphrey are dating. Andrea did her research and found out. WHOOPS.

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