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Well, well. I’ve noticed some prettttty interesting keywords people have used to get to this blog. At first I thought only supportive friends and family that oddly want to hear what goes through my crazy head read this, but turns out there must be some randos who accidentally search for something weird in google and end up…here.

So here are the top ten search engine terms from this week…..and my comments. Ya crazies.

Laura Schwecherl camping Okay. You know me well enough to be able to spell my last name and know I have a blog with the word “camping” in it. But you don’t know the exact URL, which means you are a peripheral friend, if I had to guess. Friend of a friend? Stalker? Ex-boyfriend? Uncle Bob? Fess up.

I hate it when a chinchilla eats the universe  Yeah, me too :/

A hidden wholeness  Guess my blog is so #namaste now, since I write about all this deepshit. But let’s be real, I have an emotional side. It’s just hidden…. (but whole!)

William j Clinton museum Not totally random, since I did go to this museum and had a damn good time. But seriously, how many google pages did you go through to end up here? 

Bedroom hotel new york I’ll consider it.

Bizarreness This makes sense, seeing as I’ve used this adjective quite often to describe my life. Even in a blog-post title. But the weirdest thing about that post is I took the first picture a block away from where Greatist HQ is (months before I worked there!) Now that’s bizarre.

Sister fuck brother  You’re sick.

Mountains K, this makes me happy. Love me them mountains! Gonna climb Kilimanjaro! And get married on a mountain! And ski down one soon! …Glad you found me here.

Is a broken down hottub worth buying Probably not.

Movie with deformed face  Batman returns? Hunchback of Notre Dame? Mask?…..Pay it forward? Sorry you didn’t get what you were looking for here.

PS) I posted the cutest video of Ali on my tumblr (with her permission). So go watch it.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. marathon winer

    i cant even begin to name all the things i love about this post bahahaha. wish i could be there for mac and cheese and sweeet and miles on sunday. booo

  2. Hahaha ah thank you 🙂 Same!! Are you running the 10K on sat??

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