sushi and shoes

This weekend I:

1) Learned how to make sushi and,

2) Learned that my feet are small and wide.

First thing’s first….(literally). I went to Long Island for Kati’s “surprise” bridal shower. And we learned how to make SUSHI. BEST BRIDAL SHOWER EVER. Makin sushi is obviously one of those “harder than it looks” type things, but I ended up not being as awful as predicted. Of course I over-stuffed each roll (“I’ll have one with everything”), but the best part is, pretty or not, it all basically tastes the same: delicious.

The next part of the shower included more friends and family, more food, some delicious punch that had lots of champagne (important) and…gifts. I was stuffed from three rolls of sushi, so decided I would forgo the “real food” and eat cupcakes for a “late lunch” while mingling, of course. I split my time wisely between chatting with people and playing with the four dogs in the house (omg) before it was time to open gifts.

The best part about the gift opening was learning what I would potential inherit from Jim and Kate. New toaster oven, you say? What are you going to do with that old one?  New sets of silverware? I could use a fork (or three..seriously). New bath towels?! You don’t need those old really soft ones you already have….(!) Below, you can see some of the gift opening in action. However, I mainly like the photo because there are as many dogs as there are people in the shot.


As for #2, My dad so kindly took me to get new running sneakers. I’ve been running in my old ones for WAY too long, and although I still wasn’t feeling anything fishy, it’s not worth the risk. Earlier that day I actually tried running in a veerrrry old pair of Aasics I found in my closet, but after three miles noticed my feet were bleeding (that’s why I replaced those…) so had to put my stubborn nature aside and walk the rest of the way home. 

Luckily though, I made up for my run cut short at Super Runner’s Shop, since I tried on a gazillion pairs of shoes and took each out to the streets. I normally go into these shops and know exactly what I’m getting: Aasics GT2170’s, size 8.5. I have been running in these since high school, yet was freaked out to realize the 8.5’s in the store felt too big. After trying on different sizes in similar styles, we learned my feet are actually size 7 and 7.5 (left one’s a bit smaller) and they are WIDE. The shoe-man had me try some Saucony’s since they have a naturally wider-cut but I was having none of it. I settled for a size 8 in the Aasics, which just so happened to come in a nice gray/purple color. (Side note: The thing with running shoes is you don’t pick by the color; you get your style and size and whatever color it is…you go with. The 8.5’s were all black so I’m slightly sad I missed out on the ninja look.)

Long story short, I was like a kid in a candy shop and wanted to try the shoes first thing. So I set my alarm a bit earlier Monday morning to squeeze in a six-mile run before work. (And took an “action shot” before because I was THAT excited. Those are my legs about to “step” out the door. Along with a shirt that I still haven’t picked up).  

The run ended up being marvelous. I think I will try to get back into morning running — even if it’s just a few miles to jump-start the day. It was fun seeing the youngin’s walk to school, the old folks out with their dogs, and not be bothered by the humidity and heat. That…. and the shoes felt great.

Aaaand, I’m out!


About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I can’t believe your feet are actually a size 7/7.5 and you thought you were a 8.5!! So much for sharing shoes…(i’m an 8.5)

    PS – let’s talk those babies for a spin soon! maybe a track workout next week?

  2. I’m an Asics GT21xx girl myself. AND an 8.5. How come we didn’t know that you, me, and Jocelyn were triplets before??? Now it is ruined 😦

    Also, I have sushi making supplies at my apartment if you ever want to come over and practice…

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