Oh hello! A lot has been going on since I’m “sooOoo busy” or something… But here are the things that I’ve been thinking about a lot:

wedding. My brother got married! And I have a sister-in-law. Their wedding was wonderful, magical..perfect. We danced all night, and jim and kate were SO HAPPY. They’re SO IN LOVE. AHHhhhh

apartment hunting. Our lease ends August 1st, so Ali and I have been on a mad hunt for apartments. I was happy to experience the whole “first year in nyc suck it up and live in a shitty apartment” thing, but one year was enough. Our apartment really started affecting me (negatively), so I was eager for an upgrade. After a LOT of searching and a lot of disappointment and stress (which is like another full-time job), we are signing a lease on Monday for a place in South Williamsburg. And it has a living room! And exposed brick! And I’m promising myself to buy a real bed and a bike. I’m…an adult.

PS) Goodbye old apartment…you sucked..even if you’re trying to be better by putting a random sidewalk in the middle of the street:

Acadia. Me and Nicole, my camping partner-in-crime, are going up to Acadia National Park next week! I am so excited, and am really in need of a true disconnection from everything and everyone (no offense….)! As much as nyc has grown on me, I totally need to pencil out time to get away and be where I feel most content, which just so happens to be in a tent in the middle of the woods.

marathon training. Jocelyn so kindly reminded me that we’re running a marathon in 10 WEEKS. And…honestly, I haven’t really been training. But I’m not too nervous. I’ve still been working out 4-6 days a week, doing a lot of speed workouts and strength stuff. And I’ve been running with Danielle, so she has helped me pick up the pace on the roads. But as a result…. I’ve been a lot more tired and have felt kinda crappy on most of my alone- runs. Hm. I’ve been foam-rolling like a crazy person at least. Hurts so good.

subways. As much as a despise a majority of new yorkers (mainly on the subway) I’ve noticed something recently: Everyone is so incredibly nice when a pregnant woman steps on the train. Someone always gives up their seat immediately. The other day there must’ve been some post- prenatal yoga class party on the L train, as me and five other people automatically ran from our seats to let a bunch of verrrry pregnant ladies sit down.  Are we in New York City or Durham, NC? 

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. hahahaha I was thinking “that text looks familiar”…..oh yeahhhh I sent it.

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