I just signed another year-long lease (!) in Brooklyn, which also means I wrote a bunch of checks and experienced several panic attacks. But then I reminded myself that I’m (usually) smart with my money, and have even been able to save a few bills while living in NYC.

I’ve decided to start being even more conscious of where my money’s headed, especially since rent is going up and I don’t want my lifestyle to change. Here are the rules I try to live by, along with some money-saving ideas I want to embrace more whole-heartedly: 

-treat yo self (wisely). Figure out what purchases matter most: a) $12 cocktail, b) $12 movie, or c) epic $12 sandwich. “None of the above” can’t always be an option!

-cook, cook, cook! Holy moly does this make a difference. It’s no secret that cooking will save you money, especially if you go after the foods that’ll last forever. I tend to make a ton of quinoa and throw random veggies and beans in the mix. I’ll fry up and egg or two and bam: dinner. For a week. 

-stop drinking so much. Alcohol is so expensive in nyc, and it makes me mad. The only solutions I can come up with are drinking less, having guys buy you drinks, or living off of 3buck chuck. Find a balance between the three. 

-take the subway. True statement: I think I’ve been in a cab twice since I moved here. Unless in a dire situation, cabs are pretty stupid. Just take the train! (Especially if you already pay for a monthly ride.)

-wash your own clothes. This one I’m pretty excited about. I tried allowing myself the luxury of dropping off my laundry this past year, but I don’t really think it was worth it. So once I move in to my new apartment, I’m going to stock up on detergent, a couple buckets, and a drying rack, and deem Sunday as laundry day. I’m stoked. 

-live with friends. Find a friend, split the bills.

-get off groupon. These sneaaaky daily deal sites make you believe you’re “saving” money by purchasing an 85% off Native American pottery class in soho. Lies! 

-take advantage of free shit. Coffee maker at work? Skip starbucks. Want to see live music? Find a free concert. Need to hard chill with a giraffe? See when the zoo has free admission day.

-carry (enough) cash. I find when I have cash with me, I spend it. (Hello, seltzer.) However, I also find that when I’m in a cash-only situation, I head to the nearest atm (Hello, withdrawal fee.) Try to figure out how much money you like to hold on to, and hold on tight!

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. speaking of seltzer… you’re about to go get one now. ohhhhhhh!

  2. Love this!! Also: go on long runs with friends on weekend mornings?? It’s free, fun and social!

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