On Sunday, Ali and I spent a part of the day packing up. I think the amount of time it actually took is a testimony to how much we own: not a lot. Throughout the years I’ve donated a lot of stuff, gave some away, and thrown the rest out. And as I stuffed jackets in bags, pots in boxes, and sneakers and sandals in bins, I got to thinking about the certain possessions that follow me around for every move I make. These are the things I pretty much need to have with me in order to feel like I’m “home.” 




The first is my lamp. It’s from the Adirondacks. I hate hate hate bad lighting and most apartments come with nothing but blaring light. So I usually just keep this one on and use natural light to keep my room well lit.  

Next up is the map of the United States. Nicole and I used it to get us around when we were traveling (no iPhones or gps the whole time!) and then when we came back, we drew out our exact route and noted everywhere we camped. It reminds me that the states are still SO large and there’s still so much to see.

That crazy colored tapestry is actually a blanket made from fabric scraps in Ghana. I’ve used it as a rug, bed cover, and now a wall decoration. It might make its next debut on my bed again, we’ll see!

Yes, my calendar is of cats doing yoga. Every year for xmas I get a “random” calendar, and this year downward-dog cats made it under the tree. It’s probably best thing I own….and July’s pic definitely takes the cake.

Books. I’ve probably read at least half of every book in that pile (minus Infinite Jest, love-hate). My collection rotates quite regularly as I take books from my old room and collect new ones along the way. Books are so comforting.

And finally, we have that bear. I got the lil’ guy in New Mexico, and he is supposed to bring me strength and protection. Win win.

So while we’ll be moving to yet another apartment, these things will continue to follow me. And in case anyone is out in the Williamsburg area tomorrow evening, stay off the streets. I’ll be driving a very large truck. 



About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I love love love that map!!

  2. cansathefan4

    yoga cats… well, duhs.

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