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First off, thank you all SO much for your comments about my marathon post. I had no clue it would get the reaction it did, and am still in awe by how freakin supportive and wonderful the running community is. Also, I think I’m mostly recovered from PMD (my body no longer hates me and I can finally run again) so for anyone who ran Chicago or any other race this weekend (I’ve read about so many PR’s and awesome races, so a huge congrats) I will let you know how to recover: mostly patience, a bit of alcohol. Rest.

– –

This weekend continued my saga of traveling on any spare Saturday or Sunday. While a part of me really misses having time to myself at home, I couldn’t pass this up.

We were going to New England. We were going on a cheese pilgrimage.

My sister-in-law’s family is slightly (read:very) obsessed with cheese, and made plans to visit the Cabot Creamery in (you guessed it!) Cabot, VT. I tagged along last minute with Kate and Jim, Flo and Andrew (classic fifth wheel), along with Kate’s extended family.

First stop: Cabot, of course. We tasted many a cheese (sharp, extra sharp, seriously sharp, bacon, tuscan, worcheshire, herb, private-label (ooo), vintage, chipotle, buffalo wing…the list goes on. And on.) Then we took a tour, which was actually super informative and interesting. We learned about the history of Cabot (all the proceeds go directly back to the farmers!) and saw the cheese being made. Very educational. And delicious.

We decided to keep the dairy thing going and head over the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury. At this point it was rainy and cold, so we decided to sit inside and eat alloftheicream while we waited for tour #2. After some heaping spoonfuls of milk n’ cookies, caramel-something-or-other, coconut bar, and cookie dough, we took a not-as-impressive tour through their factory, where we learned how the ice-cream goes from cow to cone (their words, not mine). To keep the food thing going, we made a final stop at King Arthur Flour in Norwich, which was my favorite stop due to the lack of people and ability to scan the aisles of weird kitchen gadgets and a bajillion different boxes of muffin mix.

After King Arthur, it was definitely dinner time, and we all pretty much had only consumed cheese, ice-cream, and some handfuls of chex mix all day. We headed straight to Panera (soup!salad!) and brought it over to Kate’s aunt’s house in NH. I remember marveling at the HUGE sky and beautiful stars as we walked inside. At that point, I wanted to pitch a tent in their backyard (they live on 40 acres, clearly they could fit me) and call it a night.

But instead we went to our hotel, which just so happened to cancel all our rooms and kindly let us know there were no other rooms available in any hotel within a 60 mile radius. (Awesome.) After an hour of looking helpless in the hotel lobby, some dudeman-angel said “eh, I live 45 minutes away. I’ll go home. Take my room.”
That guy will have good karma for the rest of his life.

(Not staged, Flo was just really tired and we were homeless.)

The following morning, the whole crew went back to Kate’s aunt’s house to see her beautiful home in the daytime. We ate a delicious breakfast, walked around the property, and went exploring through her old home (from the 1700’s!) down the street. We also hung out with a lot of dogs. 

By noon, we were back on the road to good ol’ NYC. I was sad to leave, since things just feel so “right” up in New England with the trees, air, quiet, everything…..However, once we returned, I went on an epic six-mile run, ate an awesome dinner with Danielle, and was in bed by 10. 

Things clearly could’ve been worse.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Cabot cheese is my favorite and I can’t remember if I said congrats because I read your recap on my phone but CONGRATS! You ran an awesome race 🙂

  2. i kept showing your instagram pic’s to roger all weekend and was yelling “I want to go” like a 2 year old. Need a Vermont and NH trip stat. 🙂 looks awesome.

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