what im reading II

Helllloo and happy November 20th. Here is another what I am reading post.
Since this is the Internet.
And there are so many friggaan things you can read.

Fleeting In the Ear, Forever In the Heart  (The New York Times)

“There are comparable moments in many pieces we love — a fleeting passage, a short series of chords, some unexpected shift in a melodic line — when something occurs that just grabs us. I’m not talking about the obvious ones, those climactic blasts that pound you into submission, or those soaring lyrical lines that sweep you along. I’m thinking of subtle, almost stealthy musical moments that we might or might not notice at first hearing.”

Struggle for Smarts? How Eastern and Western Cultures Tackle Learning
(NPR shots)

“In Eastern cultures, Stigler says, it’s just assumed that struggle is a predictable part of the learning process. Everyone is expected to struggle in the process of learning, and so struggling becomes a chance to show that you, the student, have what it takes emotionally to resolve the problem by persisting through that struggle.”

Many Health Apps are Based on Flimsy Science
 (The Washington Post)

“[Certain apps] take some therapeutic method that is real — and in some cases experimental — and create a grossly simplified version of that therapy using the iPhone. Who knows? Maybe it works.” But until testing shows otherwise, “my feeling would be that it doesn’t.””

13 Lucky Racing Tips for Your Next Personal Best
(Strength Running)

This is an e-book I contributed to for Jason Fitzgerald, who runs an awesome running website. I’m excited to have my advice on there with some way more awesome people. Ch-ch-check it out!

What We Learn From 5 Million Books
 (TED Talk)

“Ladies and gentlemen, a picture is not worth a thousand words, in fact we found some pictures are worth five-billion words.”

Good Things Brewing (Acqtaste)

On brewing beer in Brooklyn “So we can start with the Lobster Saison. It actually has lobster in it, you throw the shells right in. They’re oyster stouts basically, and that’s a stout that has oysters. When you’re making it, there are actually oyster shells in the beer. They do it in Ireland; we had it on our backpacking tour. Before we started the company, we went on a seven-week backpacking trip. We quit our jobs, and it was kind of a way to see if we still liked each other.”

Around the World in Concept Coffee Shops (The Atlantic)

“Bizarrely themed cafes have been popping up all over Japan. Among the strangest, these “neko” (Japanese for “cat”) cafes originated in Taiwan and have since been imported to Tokyo. One of the more famous, Cat’s Store, allows patrons to simultaneously get a caffeine fix and indulge their need for feline companionship in a city where limited space often means pet-free apartments.”

The Most Recent 25 (of 730, and counting
) (Altered Books)

“The Idea: Cut the bindings off of books found at a used book store. Find poems in the pages by the process of obliteration. Put pages in the mail and send them all around the world. Lather, rinse, repeat.”

How to Live Without Irony (The New York Times)

“Furthermore, the nostalgia cycles have become so short that we even try to inject the present moment with sentimentality, for example, by using certain digital filters to “pre-wash” photos with an aura of historicity. Nostalgia needs time. One cannot accelerate meaningful remembrance.”

A Guide to the Meaning and Usefulness of Puncuatation Marks (McSweeneys)

“Everybody thinks punctuation marks are useful. They keep them in jars. They use them to feed ageing relatives. They think they will stop that bear from shooting them. They won’t. Punctuation marks actually have extremely limited uses. ¿Seriously… You’re, doing- it- wrong”

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Again, I wish I would have had a chance to talk to you more during the whole HTC thing. Love when you post what you are reading/watching (The link to the TED video). Gives a window into your mind and I LIKE! So glad you linked these…nice to read something I wouldn’t have otherwise.

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