no-run november

November has been an interesting month. Between Hurricane Sandy, the marathon drama, going away to Florida (hi Grandma!), going home for Thanksgiving, and oh…not running, it was just, well…different.

IMG_3041 tgivs

The non-running thing has been especially interesting. I didn’t really write about it, but I injured my foot pretty badly right before nycm. (I actually probably would not have been able to finish the race had it went on.) I was also generally feeling exhausted, sore, and burnt out — my shins were constantly hurting, my legs always tired walking up the subway stairs, and my mind kind of fuzzy. So after the marathon was canceled and I went out for an unsuccessful run that had me walking two miles back to my apartment in tears, I told myself it was time for serious rest. A month’s worth.

To “spoil” the “surprise,” I cut my rest early. I ended up going for two runs while I was home for Thanksgiving — both only four or five miles — and while it was cold and windy and super hilly (hello suburbs), it was pain-free. The only thing that matters.


Since my Running Rx was taken away from me and I needed a way to stay sane, I turned to yoga. I probably did yoga almost everyday in the month of November, even if that meant ten quick minutes of sun salutations at home while a foster-kitten looked at me like I was crazy. (<3 nena.) I practiced poses that are particularly challenging for me (damnit half-moon, I can’t balance for the shit of me) and got the hang of a headstand (for all of 1.3 seconds, but whatever). I feel like I am always “ok” at yoga, and taking the month to really focus on doing poses correctly was awesome. I also felt significantly stronger, and….get this….wayyyy less stressed. November has been such a “calm” month for me. Savasana FTW.


I also have been writing way more, a bit on my tumblr, and a lot in my super secret online journal. Rather than mornings being rushed to get in a long run, I’ve had more time to write, which I’m best at in the morning. (It’s 8am right now, just for a visual.) It seriously has been a life-saver.

That all said, I also have felt pretty disconnected from running — both the act of running itself, and being a part of the community. I watched people run amazing PR’s and meet up for weekend long runs, and I felt totally removed from the scene. It definitely made me feel a bit lonely, but I also think I needed the physical and mental break.

But of course, I am itching to get back into the groove. I’m going to start running for serious this Monday, and come the new year, the awesome Jason Fitzgerald is helping me with a marathon plan for Eugene. On so many different levels, I have a feeling 2013 is going to kick even more ass than 2012.


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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. So Jason is coaching you!??!!! I love it!! Little MIss Go with the Flow will be following A PLAN.

  2. PS – Don’t think I don’t read your super secret blog and tumblr. You are a wonderful writer.

  3. i didn’t know about these super secret things 🙂 i wondered what was going on-but glad the yoga helped. i FINALLY made it to a class on thursday and decided i’ve got to get back at it. it really does help mentally-not to mention i am actually sore today. glad the break helped-looking forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2013!

  4. I am in a total running rut. Slow and unmotivated. Maybe I need a personalized plan to get back on track- nothing like accountability to motivate me! Let me know what you think of your customized plan……

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