oh the places you’ve slept

Last week, I think I’ve spent more time in my bed than I have…ever… from being a bit sick/totally wiped out. Rather than freaking out and/or applying for a body transplant (though it was tempting), I decided to write about other places I’ve slept.  Seemed sort of fitting.

Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park, Colorado

 Nicole and I found a cozy spot to pitch our tent on our first camping road trip stop. It felt like we had the whole park to ourselves, and one of the best views on the planet.


Warehouse/Stage. Bumble-Fuck, Colorado

I forget the name of the town, but after performing one night with Big Tree at a really weird venue in Colorado, we were able to crash in the same room the show was held. (Along with a couple of Native Americans). All I remember is curling up on this couch and watching Life Aquatic with a whiskey. 


El Capitan Hostel. Montezuma, Costa Rica

Out of all the places I stayed in Costa Rica (six in nine days!) this was probably my worst decision. It was just plain gross— I also unwillingly shared the room with a spider and a mouse. 


Little Hut. Ada Foah, Ghana

This. Place. Ada Foah is a town that lies between the ocean coast and the volta river. I specifically remember my “roommate” waking me up in the middle of the night to walk outside our hut and look at the stars while listening to the sounds of the ocean and river hitting the shore just south and north of us.



Happy Oasis Farm. Prescott, Arizona

Nicole and I WWOOF‘d at this “farm” on our road trip, and it was an innnteresting experience to say the least. The house was strictly raw/vegan, and there was really nothing to farm, so we spent a few days bleaching a pool and drinking celery smoothies. 


Half a Basement. College Park, Maryland

Before I could find a place in D.C., I “lived” in Danielle’s college house’s basement. This is a view from my bed. Not too shabby, eh?


Hood to Coast Van. Somewhere, Oregon

I’m not sure if I actually ever slept during HTC, but I do remember shutting my eyes at some point. I specifically recall finishing my 7 mile night run, stretching out on the bench with a huge ziplock of trail mix on my stomach, and eating the M&M’s until I fell asleep…


Tent On a Deck. Fire Island, NY

A summer tradition, a bunch of us went out to Fire Island for a beach getaway. One night, so many people piled in the house couldn’t fit us all. So Nicole brought a tent and we pitched it on the deck. It worked.


Mansion. Taos, New Mexico

This is probably the most beautiful house I’ve ever been in, in the coolest town I’ve ever been through. There’s not much else I can say about that.


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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. super cool post. i should do one just on the places i’ve slept in the past month. definitely not as cool as this. 🙂

  2. This post is too funny, I definitely don’t have as many cool places that I’ve slept (much less pictures of them!).

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