marathon training: week 13

Peak week = kind of successful. 3 weeks till Eugene. Aaaalmost there!

Monday: Yoga
75 sweaty, glorious minutes of yoga. If anyone in NYC wants to come with, I go to Prana (in Union SQ) every Monday at 6:45 or 8:10 (pm). Come!

Tuesday: 6 miles (track workout)
For whatever reason, 6 miles on the road seemed boring for me, so I decided to do a “fun” track workout: 2 sets of (1200-1000-800-400) at as close to 6min/mile pace as possible. (Yeah….bout that). Felt OK, but had to cut the 400 off and literally sprint back to my apartment from the track (does that count?) so I wouldn’t be late to work. Also, I miss track workouts. 

Wednesday: 7 miles
THIS was the best day ever. I ran 4ish miles up to Columbus Circle, where I met Meg to run a few more in Central Park. We decided to mix things up and run the loop clockwise (!) and search for the CASTLE. We found it. It was awesome. Running with friends (esp Meg) is the best.

Thursday: 8 mile tempo
This was my 10 mile turned to 8 tempo from hell. Tempo speeds at 7:20 did not make me a happy camper. Felt sorry for myself and had a little pity party for the rest of the day. (Shots)

Friday: 1 mile, strength
After a shitty run I always take it easy the next day. I ran ONE mile + a little extra (in SKORA‘s!) and did a lot of foam rolling, dynamic stretching, and a little strength stuff. Then I stuffed my face with guac and wine. Twas a happy Friday.

Saturday: 21 miles
After about two hours of stalling and feeling super anxious before this run (hi I am a head case) I finally left my apartment. I remember hitting minute 22 (not mile…) and almost stopping and giving up. After 10 sluggish and stressed miles (8:20’s) where I wanted to retire from marathon training and take up the 50m dash, I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I gave myself a tough-love pep talk (innnn my head) while running around the reservoir, and then got my act together. I started running faster, and wavered under 8 minute pace for the rest of the run. My legs felt pretty dead by the end, but I did it. I had a good long run. Bout freakin time. 

Sunday: Rest

1) As I was running up the Harlem Hills on my long run, a man was selling water. I was thirsty. I stopped and tried to find a dollar in my pocket  that I didn’t have, and after staring at him with a look of helplessness (and dehydration) he gave me one for free, said “Merry Christmas!” and told me he was there every day and I could give him money next time. So I went back to Harlem the next day, and he wasn’t there. So sad. Mr. Water man, if you’re reading this, please tell me your water selling schedule. I have $2 for you!!

2) Half of Nora’s ear is gone. I came home from my run and HALF WAS GONE. Her ear was bleeding. I didn’t know whether I should go to a pharmacy and get medicine, or try to find the other half first. (Turns out she probably ate it….WHAT).

So….anyone want a cat?


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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I might join you for yoga one Monday! I’ve never been to Prana but I work near Union Square so I’d love to check it out soon.

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