10-year plan

When people ask “what is your 10-year plan” I usually pretend to throw something at them and respond that I haven’t even figured out my 10-minute plan. (Whatsfordinner?)

I have a hard time visualizing what it is I’ll actually be doing in the future, even in an ideal world! Reason being – what’s actually ideal now may not be what I hope for however many years down the road, and being too goal oriented can blind me from better opportunities I didn’t even know existed.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just making excuses because my 10-year plan is something I can barely answer.

But I’m trying to figure it out, for FUN. I’ve been taking the time to envision myself at 35 and where I want to be, and some things I’ve accomplished along the way. I have no idea if my vision is ambitious or conservative, unrealistic or attainable. But…here’s what I kinda came up with (yikes):

-Live in San Fran, the Pacific NW, or somewhere on the West Coast

-Work for Greatist (however that would look) and be managing a bunch of people in a certain department

-Have two published books

-Write regularly on my blog and have an engaged community of people readers. (This was a typo but I actually like the phrase “people readers” so I’m keeping it)

-Teach yoga and be able to do all the fancy poses

-Be running regularly, and have run a sub 3:20 marathon

-Have traveled back to Africa, and to India, Japan, and South America. Done some sort of health/community development/micro-finance work.

-Maybe be married or at least live with S.O.

-Masters in public/global health (maybe?)

-Be playing shows on the semi-regular and have recorded an album

So, if I want to do alllll of these things in 10 years, the important part is to think about the steps I need to act on nowish to get there. AKA I should probably relearn guitar, begin saving for travel funds, and start walking to California.

Welp, that’s all I got for now. And this could all change next week. But until then, gonna get to that book proposal… 

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. The timing on this post is really interesting as I had a conversation with the director of the division I work in about this on Tuesday. And it has left me thinking quite a bit. I really like how you phrased it “Being too goal oriented could blind me to opportunities…” THIS. Yes. You could look at this at a BIG level…a big-life changing thing that you never knew you wanted might present itself or on a smaller level…I love the position I am in at work now, but I had always said I didn’t want this “type” of position. Had I said I only wanted to do “X” job, I may never have had this opportunity. My boss’ boss said in that conversation that he views my current strategy as “work hard, play hard” and that it is fine to keep that strategy forever…it works. But if I have bigger aspirations (like a managing director, VP, etc.) then I need to state those so that the right people can help me get there. I personally really like the work hard, play hard method, understanding that what should happen, will happen. BUT then when I think about the concept of truly dreaming BIG with my life, I think that maybe I should do what you have done and think about awesome things that I could maybe accomplish if I really worked toward it. We should continue this conversation over wine in Eugene…I find it fascinating!

  2. 10-year plans are overrated. 10-minute plans? Waaaay more interesting. Come to Montana and we can discuss plans for 10-year world domination (and get some badass mountain runs in. They don’t call it “Montana” for nothing).

  3. oh lord, i don’t even want to think about 42. AT ALL. Because what I thought I would do by 32 (when i was 22) hasn’t all happened. I’ve done a lot of it, but i’ve learned that I’m not really in control of it all-there is a bigger plan for me. I try to keep it small. I love your plan and goals. you think BIG. Maybe it’s what is going on in my life at this very moment, but i’m struggling with getting through the small. trying to stay focused on what’s important NOW. i need that.

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