something to…(II)

Read. My mom told me about a cool column in The NYTimes magazine, Lives, where she read this story: My Desperate, Stupid, Emotional Hunt for the Perfect Pants. It’s short and charming, and would make for a perfect Sunday AM read over coffee. (I read it on my Pocket app at 8:30 on a crowded subway going into Manhattan, so it lost some of its effect. But I still really enjoyed it.) 

Look at. Outdoor pavilions with mirrors. AKA what the heck am I looking at but whoa this is stunning. (h/t giuliana.) 


Think about. Leaving the Internet for a year. Would you do it? Cause this guy did.

Cook with. Coconut oil holy shit. I debating buying it ($5.99). But… then I thought about the times (read: all of them) when I don’t flinch buying a $6 well whiskey or $8 salad for dinner. (Until now, shit.) So I did it (yolo) and cooked sweet potatoes, onions, and black beans w/ it to make quesadillas for Meg. Since she helped me carry home my microwave from Manhattan. And all the food I cook normally tastes just like olive oil and salt.

Watch. A LAZY CAT ON A TREADMILL. This is how I felt most mornings when marathon training.

Try. Meditating every morning. I’ve been doing 10 minutes of yoga + 5 minute of “meditation” before work every AM for three or so weeks now. Unfortunately, I haven’t reached Nirvana yet, but I’m waiting patiently. Good news though: They (who is they?) also say that trying to meditate is meditating, in which case I’ve re-defined meditating to be thinking: “breathe in green, breathe out blue, expand the rib cage, will I get all my work done today, should I clean the dishes before I leave, do I have clean running clothes, stop thinking, go away thoughts, I’m stressed, I suck at meditation, breathe in acceptance, breathe out stubbornness…”

Listen to. I forgot about this song by Kimbra, but I’m a sucker for really good (and super raw) live clips. And this one does it for me. AND LOOK AT THAT GRIN!


Appreciate. Running. On my first run back after Eugene (took nine days off) I went without music or a watch, and realized how happy I was to just be able to run. I think I stopped appreciating running while I was training — I forgot how lucky I am to be healthy, injury-free, and simply able, with some sort of relative talent.  Also, I love it. Lots of people hate running. (Like this guy). And that’s something to be grateful for. Both Jocelyn and Meggie wrote on similar topics, so go check em out.


About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Love this! Great reads. Anne FTW.

  2. Love this post! Kimbra has Dorinna’s beautiful wide smile, don’t you think? Also, is FTW good? Hope so lol

  3. Ha, meditating is SO hard isn’t it??! I’d love to meditate each morning, but there is no way my dog would let me sit silent and still first thing in the morning, she’d be jumping all over me! I always struggle with my mind wandering too (making grocery lists, mentally writing blog posts, etc.!), but I find repeating a mantra helps to keep me focused!

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