>DAY 23


The Loveless Cafe: Certainly Not Devoid of Love

Since we had such a late night, Nic and I did not find ourselves eager to get out of bed with the sunrise. Plus, there were no mountains to climb in Nashville, so we let ourselves sleep in and let our appetites do the climbing instead. By around 11am, we were ready to indulge in southern comfort food, so we browsed the interwebs for some of Nashville’s best kept secrets.

We stumbled upon this place online: The Loveless Cafe. It wasn’t until I saw Loveless featured on the Travel Channel two months later did I realize how famous it was; still, whether featured on television or not, it only took one meal for Nic and I to realize this restaurant was the real deal. Just humor me and check out the menu. And then drool along with me. MENU!

We had a breakfast feast that included homemade biscuits with jam and butter, french toast, eggs, grits, and mimosas. The biscuits were absolutely incredible, and I must say I am grit’s newest fan. If I go back–when I go back–I definitely need to try some fried chicken.

After we ate, we went into the cafe store, Hams and Jams. We perused the aisles, checking out an assortment of books (see above), some bacon-scented air fresheners, and biscuit mixes.

After our lovely brunch, we headed back into the heart of Nashville. We soon learned how expensive cowboy boots could be, and that people are out drinking whiskey and playing live music no matter what time of the day. We also encountered a fair amount of Elvis paraphernalia, seeing as Memphis is only two hours west.

After walking around for a few hours to digest all those damn biscuits, we got back into the car and went searching for the Grand Ol Opry. We finally found it, but due to the harsh flooding that occurred about a month back, the venue was still closed. We drove back to check out the Country Music Hall of Fame instead, but it was unfortunately closing soon for the day. We loitered in the museum store for thirty minutes, and decided to call it a day.

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